English listening practice

An interview with Warwick

This is our interview with Warwick from Melbourne in Australia.

Warwick talks about goal setting and uses as an example his goal of losing weight.

Warwick speaks with an Australian accent. Australians don't tend to classify their accents the way the English or Americans do, except by whether they are rural (from the country) or city. And some accents are stronger, more pronounced than others.

"One of the key things that I read (about goal setting) that really triggered this for me was a book called “Alice in Wonderland”. And the section that I refer to is when Alice is lost in the forest and she stumbles across the Cheshire Cat.

And she says to the Cheshire Cat, “I’m lost. Which way should I go?” And the Cheshire Cat says “Where do you want to go?” And Alice says “Well, it doesn’t really matter, as long as I get somewhere.”

And the Cheshire Cat says, “Well it doesn’t matter which way you go!”".

goal setting

The text is in PDF format and is here.

The audio is in mp3 format and is here.