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An interview with Steve

This is our interview with Steve, he's from the south of the United States.

This was recorded a couple of years ago, when the US economy was very strong and the collapse of Lehman Brothers and ensuing chaos was still unheard of. We've kept this material because it's an interesting topic (and frankly because Steve is a great guy and was fun to talk to!).

Steve talks how he found returning to the U.S. after living for some years in Spain, how he adadpted, and some of the differences.

Steve speaks with an American accent.

" In the United States the individual is supreme, everything is done so that you can reach your maximum. Everyone does their own thing as long as they’re not crossing the boundaries on someone else’s civil rights or something like that, but one thing I noticed in Spain was the socialist tendencies of trying to take care of everybody, trying to have a floor to make sure that everyone had a certain quality of life. "

Is cash the King?

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