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Explaining wine in words|English accent

26/04/10 3:41 PM

This English exercise is based on an interview we did with Peter from the U.K.

Wine tasting

Wine tasting

Peter talks about his business as an online wine retailer, and how he tries to explain in words all about the taste of wine.

The teaching materials include an MP3 version of the interview, plus a glossary, comprehension questions and answers, a lesson plan for TEFL teachers, plus a full transcription, all in PDF format, located here.


3 Comments on “Explaining wine in words|English accent”

  1. guillermo sanchez Says:

    i want to speak english

  2. luis Says:

    Thank you for your proposal of improving students listening skill. It seems very helpful, however I think the sound quality should be better.

  3. luis Says:

    Congratulations for your proposal.
    However the sound quality should be improved.

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