English listening practice

A bit of a test for our new English comprehension lessons…

11/06/09 8:33 PM

We have changed eViews and this webiste is brand new. We are experimenting a little with the best way to deliver our materials (text and audio) and this is our first test.

The audio is MP3 ad the text is PDF.

We would welcome your feedback as how this words for you; good bad or OK, ad we will adjust the website accordingly. So have your say!

This interview is with Anne who talks about her job as a desktop publisher, the resulting problems intense work on a computer caused, the treatment, and change of career.



Our interview with Anne is here.


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  1. physio Says:

    Hrmm that was weird, my comment got consumed. Anywho I want to to say that it’s nice to learn that someone else also touched on this as I had difficulty locating the similar information in other places. This became the 1st place that helped me understand why. Thanks.

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